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Our aim is to improve medical treatment and psychosocial care of people with incurable and life-threatening illness.

The objectives are to optimize:

  • the relief of symptoms such as pain, breathlessness, nausea, fatigue, etc.

  • the individual quality of life of patients and their family by supporting the family and social networks

  • general and specialist palliative care in different settings (e.g. home care, inpatient), as well as the public and voluntary sector

  • the integration of palliative care in education and teaching

We aim to achieve our objectives by conducting research projects in the field of palliative care and education in medicine, sociology, psychology etc.

For e

  • research projects to improve palliative care structures in Germany, particularly in the home care setting

  • taking part in an international research program for the relief of breathlessness

  • a survey of palliative care patients exploring which topics in palliative care research are most relevant to them